Parent Page

Welcome to third quarter! We have established effective partnerships with our families. We look forward to continuing to build on our partnerships with each and every one of our parents. Please continue to use the tips below to help us build great communication. We are almost at 100% class-dojo sign up! We can do it!

  1. Sign up for classdojo.
    1. You have received parent and student codes.
  2. Make sure you check grades regularly on schoolmax.
    1. Ensure all contact information is updated on schoolmax.
  3. Please take down the contact information for all of the teachers your child will have.
  4. Please help your child establish a homework schedule based on the due dates provided from teachers. Please check assignments for completion.
  5. Please communicate any likes, dislikes, or wants with the teachers. Together we can have a successful year.
  6. Please help your child set educational goals (honor roll, straight A’s, etc.).

Take a look at the parent video below.