Second Quarter Content standards!


Quarter Two

November 10, 2017 – January 25, 2018 (44 days)

Content To Be Taught:

  • Observing and Measuring an Object’s Motion to Provide a Pattern to Predict Future Motion
  • Defining a Simple Design Problem with Specified Criteria for Success and Constraints on Materials, Time or Cost  (Engineering Design)
  • Generating and Comparing Possible Solutions to a Problem that Meet the Criteria and Constraints of the Problem (Engineering Design)
  • Questioning the Cause and Effect Relationship of Electric or Magnetic Interactions Between Two Objects
  • Solving a Problem by Applying Scientific Ideas About Magnets


-Represent and solve problems involving
multiplication and division. (3.OA.A.1-4)
-Understand properties of multiplication and the
relationship between multiplication and division.
-Multiply and divide within 100. (3.OA.C.7)
-Solve problems involving the four operations,
and identify and explain patterns in arithmetic.
-Geometric measurement: understand concepts
of area and relate area to multiplication and to
-Use place value understanding and properties
of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.

-Development understanding of fractions as
numbers. (3.NF.A.1-3)
-Reason with shapes and their attributes.

Reading and Writing

Integrating Strategies (RL.3.1)

Inferring (Rl.3.1)

Synthesizing (RI.3.1)

Draw Conclusions (RI.3.1)

Main Idea and Details (RI.3.2)

Role/Contribution of Illustrations                   (RI.3.7/RL.3.7)

Relationship between Scientific Ideas (RI.3.3)

Text Structure (RI.3.8)

Comparing Ideas Across Texts (RI.3.9)

Author’s Point of View (RL.3.6, RI.3.6)

Characters Impact Plot (RL.3.3)

Central Message (RL.3.2)

Story Structure (RL.3.5)

Research Simulation- Illustrations       (W.3.2)

Research Simulation- Relationship of Concepts      (W.3.2)

Literary Analysis- Illustrations   (W.3.2)

Literary Analysis- Central Ideas (W.3.2)

Literary Analysis- Author Study (W.3.2)