Students will complete homework nightly for all subjects. A weekly homework sheet will be provided for reading, writing, and spelling.

A monthly homework calendar will be provided for math and science. Please complete all assignments by the due date. Assignments for  math and science will be checked the day after they are to be completed on the homework calendar. No late work will be accepted after the one day grace period. Parent nightly signatures are for accountability only. Assignments will be checked daily. Ten-marks should be completed weekly.

Students should be utilizing resources to enhance their math and reading skills. Videos can help reinforce skills.

Flashcards should be used to practice math skills.

Math flashcards!

Students should be practicing on the PARCC practice test website weekly.


Students should have received Edulastic accounts they can also practice PARCC on.

You can find your math and science homework calendar below!



Our April Calendar is below.
Our invention project is below and will be due April 23rd.